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Lash Bar

A patch test MUST be carried out minimum 48 hours prior to treatment for all new clients. Please note we DO NOT infill work from other technicians, a removal and full set will be required.

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Queen B

Queen B is our most glamorous set, full and fluffy russian volume lashes are applied to individually isolated natural lashes.

As with all our eyelash extension sets, we can tailor the thickness, length and curl to suit your desired look.

Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door lashes are our classic eyelash extensions. These are our most natural lashes which are created by attaching one extension to one natural lash.

Different styles can be achieved with the Girl Next Door, depending on your eye shape and natural lashes. If you prefer a subtle or natural look The Girl Next Door would be most suitable - however volume can be achieved depending on the amount of natural lashes you have.

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Vs Angel

The VS Angel lashes are our most unique lashes on our lash menu, we use fine closed fans to create texture amongst russian fans, achieving a wispy look similar to a strip lash.

The lengths and fullness of this lash look can be tailored to the clients desired result making the set completely unique to you.

Please note this set needs to be maintained more frequently in comparison to other styles due to their fine detailing and we recommend infilling no longer than 3 weeks later.

Uptown Girl

Up Town Girl, also known as hybrid or mixed lashes, are a mixture of classic and russian lashes together to create a textured look.

This set is perfect for clients that want a style that is suitable for everyday wear but still glam enough for special occasions! Up Town Girl can be tailored to the clients desired length, fullness and curl.

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LVL Lashes

A lash lift is an innovative method of giving the illusion the natural lashes are longer and have more volume using 3 different products as well as tinting. 

The lashes are lifted from the root and set in place over a silicone shield before having our 3-step system applied to the root of the lashes only. This creates a natural looking lift giving your lashes more length and volume, making the eyes appear more open.

 A lash lift is a quicker and more natural alternative to semi-permanent eyelashes and will enhance your own natural lashes, with little or no maintenance for up to 6 weeks.

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