What length of lashes do you use?


We use from 10mm - 15mm however we stock shorter lengths upon request.



Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?


When applied correctly by a fully qualified and skilled technician eyelash extensions do not ruin your own lashes. Improper application/isolation, too much glue and heavy lashes can damage your own lashes.



Can I get them wet straight away?


Please do not get your lashes wet for up to 48 hours after treatment to allow the glue to bond fully. After 48 hours you may get them wet.



Can I still use mascara and eyeliner?


Putting mascara on your lashes will clump them together and the oils in it will make your lashes shed quicker. Please use powder, pencil or liquid eyeliner as they will not affect your lashes as gel liner does. 



What is the difference between classic lashes, mixed/hybrid and russian volume? 



Classic lashes - one false eyelash is applied to each individual natural lash. These lashes will only be as thick as your own lashes and are perfect for the day to day wear as they are more natural.



Russian volume lashes - 3 finer lashes are made into a fan and placed onto one natural lash, ideal for those that have sparse lashes or prefer a more fuller dramatic look.



Hybrid lashes - a mix of both russian and classics together, a happy medium for those that think a full set of russians are too much and classics are not enough.


What is the difference between Juvederm and princess?


They are different brands, however they are a very similar consistency in regards to thickness, Juvederm last longer then princess.


How far in advance should I book?


We recommend booking at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Evenings and weekends fill up very quickly please try to book in ASAP if you have a special occasion.



How much is the deposit and can you hold my appointment for me without one?


Lips/SPMU £30, Full set of lashes £20, Infills/HD brows £10. Unfortunately due to many no shows and late cancellations we are unable t make appointments without a deposit, the deposit will be taken off the final balance.

Can I have eyelash extensions if I'm pregnant?


You must have a patch test at least 48 hours before to go ahead with the treatment.


Can I have microblading/SPMU/dermal fillers if I am pregnant/breastfeeding?


Unfortunately we are unable to carry out the treatment. Please book in when you have finished breast feeding.

I am taking medication for acne, can I have microblading?


Unfortunately we are unable to carry out the treatment, please book in once you have finished the course of medication.


Where is the salon?


Our address is 75 hadlow road DA16 1AX

What bus can I get to the salon?


B11 or 422 then it is a few minutes walk to the salon.

Where is the nearest train station?


Abbey wood or Bexleyheath

Is there parking at the salon?


Yes there is parking directly outside


Can I book via DM?


Unfortunately we no longer take bookings via DM, please call us to make an appointment.

How long do lash Extensions last?


We recommended a infill between 2-4 weeks on average


Can I have my brows down whilst pregnant or breast feeding? 


Unfortunately not. Only HD brows or shape and tint (patch test required) 


How long is your waiting list?


Weekend and evening appointments on average 4-6 week wait 

Day time appointments 2-4 week wait 

However cancellations do pop up and we add extra dates to the schedule so please keep an eye out on our Instagram.