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At Browbabe we offer a variety of treatments including Lash Lift, Lash Extensions, HD Brows, Brow Lamination, Microblading and Ombre Brows and more.



Microblading consists of natural looking hair strokes using a hand held tool. They take around an hour and a half to do, including the pre drawing.


Microblading is suitable for those wanting a semi-permanent brow with a more natural look. You might have thin eyebrows, or close to no hair on your eyebrows or simply just want to change the shape of your brows without making too much of a drastic change.

Microblading last up to a year depending on your skin type, if you have oily skin you may be due a top up sooner than that but that all depends to how well your skin takes to it, you will have two appointments the first one we will get the look you want, the second appointment will be the 6 week top up, then they will last you up to a year.


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The girl next door lashes are classic eyelash extensions. The technique of applying individual eyelash extensions by attaching 1 individual extension to 1 natural lash. The classic lashes come in different thickness, lengths and curl to allow us to tailor/create a set of lashes which are suited to your natural lashes and eye shape. To maintain healthy growth of your natural lashes, we ensure the right thickness and length is discussed prior the treatment.

Different styles can be achieved with the classic lashes, depending on your eye shape and what your natural lashes are like. The girl next door lashes would be suitable if you’re trying to achieve a more natural look - however volume can be achieved depending on the number of natural lashes you have.





a mix of both russian and classics together, a happy medium for those that think a full set of russians are too much and classics are not enough.



The Ombré Brow has been created to give a very soft, diluted colour by starting with a lighter gradient at the front of the brow and going right to a darker gradient into the arch and tails. With a lighter front to the brow and a gradual darker depth through to the tail of the brow, this creates a soft, fluffy finish behind the natural hairs. Ombré brows is a method created to compliment the natural shape and colour of the brow. The Ombré Brow technique lasts up to three years, providing aftercare is carried out correctly

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Many different looks/styles can be created with the Up Town Girl lashes. They can be more natural, more full, wispy, long or short.

Some people may know our UTG lashes as hybrid or mixed lashes. They are a combination of the classic and Russian lashes together to create a textured look. They’re perfect for people who want a little more than a natural look but not as dramatic as our Queen B (Russian lashes). They will still be obvious to others that you have lashes on but not over the top. These are the perfect lashes for an everyday look but also look amazing when glammed up!



HD brows is a seven step, bespoke eyebrow treatment, which includes mapping the brows, tinting, waxing, threading, cutting, plucking and make up application to finish the treatment. Our stylists work with you to create your perfect look, whether your wish to tame bushy brows or regrow overplucked eyebrows.





Our VS angel set is a technique different to the other styles offered, which requires a time length of 1 hour 45 mins for a full set. They round off by looking wispy, which is made with the mix of our open and closed fans. We tailor the lengths and fullness in which the client desires.

VS lashes need to be maintained more thoroughly and regularly in comparison to the other lashes due to their fine detailing; from the Russians to the spikes, which is what makes them unique. VS lashes should be infilled no later than the 3-4 week mark.